Monitoring and evaluation of outreach activities is critical to understanding whether outreach has been successful, and when it is appropriate to withdraw from a full functional outreach site. Tools for monitoring and evaluation of outreach sites are below:

  • Mentor Checklist
    Checklist for all specific tasks that should be performed during a pediatric-focused clinic. At the end of each visit the completes this form, filling in one column with check marks for all tasks completed (front and back) and indicating the date at the top of the column.
  • Quarterly Data Extraction Tool
    This tool is used to update data on pediatric ART care on a quarterly basis. It uses the same format as the "Baseline Data Extraction Tool" in the section on Site Assessment and Establishing Mentorship, above.
  • Quarterly Reporting Form
    Summarizes key indicators for pediatric HIV care on a quarterly basis.
  • Pediatric Register
    This register is for all exposed and infected children.
  • Booking Register
    Write in patient names on the day of their next appointment. "Patient Present" is ticket on that appointment date when the patient comes. This register allows for rapid follow-up of patients who default on an appointment.

Certificates of Excellence in Pediatric HIV Care
These are given to individuals and sites after successful completion of a program of on-site clinical mentorship (as determined by consistent attainment of goals on the Mentorship Checklist)