HIV Child and Adolescent ARV Procurement Forecasting Tool

This HIV Child and Adolescent ARV Procurement Forecasting Tool is intended to assist program managers, clinicians and support staff in quantifying and budgeting for a program’s child and adolescent ARV needs.

Adherence Curriculum

This 42-page curriculum helps health professionals provide ongoing education and support that improves adherence.

The BIPAI Toolkit

This how-to manual provides care and treatment for children with HIV/AIDS in resource-limited settings.

The Tingathe Toolkit

The Tingathe Toolkit is designed to be adapted and used by ministries of health, health care workers, and implementing partners who support HIV services. Each section of the Toolkit provides procedures, tools and case studies to be used as a foundation and reference for the development and implementation of HIV programs. Materials can be used in their current format or adapted to facilitate development of programs that are relevant and effective in a variety of settings.

The Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Regional Exchange portal (SHARE) is a unique regional hub, connecting people to resources, peers, organizations, and free online learning and collaboration tools designed to equip them to share experiences and knowledge to better respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. SHARE addresses the need for health information and knowledge management related to HIV and AIDS in the region of the world with the highest HIV prevalence rate.