AIDS International Training and Research Programs (AITRP)

AITRP supports long-term postdoctoral training in HIV/AIDS research for health-professionals from partner countries.

Visiting Scholars

BIPAI provides specialized learning experiences for more than 100 medical student and residents each year.

HIV Curriculum

BIPAI shares its 15 years of experience in the care and treatment of pediatric HIV/AIDS in this 343-page curriculum for medical professionals.

Adherence Curriculum

This 42-page curriculum helps health professionals provide ongoing education and support that improves adherence.

The BIPAI Toolkit

This how-to manual provides care and treatment for children with HIV/AIDS in resource-limited settings.

Outreach Toolkit

Learn methods to train and mentor health care professionals at outreach and primary health care sites.

DVDs & Books

BIPAI produces a wide variety DVDs and books for use by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Other Tools 

A variety of additional educational resources from protocols to activities.