Only a year after its implementation in La Guajira, Colombia and South America, The SAIL program (Salud y Autosuficienca Indigena en La Guajira, Colombia), whose main objective is to help reduce malnutrition and maternal mortality in the indigenous Wayuu population of La Guajira, began yielding important results.    

Key Facts

  • Location: Riohacha, Colombia
  • Years in operation: 6
  • Services: malnutrition, pediatrics, OB/GYN
  • Total employees: 48
  • Total Pediatricians: 1
  • Total General Doctors: 4
  • Total budget: $1.3 million


  • Clinical
    • SAIL Program in Colombia
Only a year after its implementation in La Guajira, Colombia and South America, The SAIL program (Salud y Autosuficienca Indigena en La Guajira, Colombia), whose main objective is to help reduce malnutrition and maternal mortality in the indigenous Wayuu population of La Guajira, began yielding important results. The SAIL program works with the municipalities of Riohacha and Manaure, focusing on the pediatric and maternal populations to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in this region by providing expectant Wayuu mothers with access to medical check-ups during their pregnancy.
Over 800 malnourished children have been identified and treated by two Texas Children’s Global Health Corp physicians who traveled with an interdisciplinary team to rural areas in search of these cases.
To complement this initiative, Fundación Éxito, the main retail store in Colombia partnered with the program to provide monthly supplemental food packages for the Wayuu communities in the municipality of Manaure, in which 146 expectant mothers care for 357 children under five years old.  
The stakeholders receiving this acknowledgment were:Chevron, Ecopetrol, Armando Pabon Hospital in Manaure, Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Remedios in Riohacha, the La Guajira Health Department, National Army and local Riohacha pediatrician Spencer Rivadeneira.
On November 30, 2019, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Baylor Colombia and Chevron Colombia, with the aim of developing the project “Evolution of sailing towards a global health initiative” in Manaure, Riohacha and Uribia, in La Guajira. This will create five separate programs: provision of prenatal control health services, improvement of access to health services, telemedicine program, “Not One More” program, and “My Protective Neighbor” program
  • Training & Education
Health worker training sessions target interns, doctors and nurses in the region focused on the identification and treatment of patients suffering from malnutrition and high-risk expectant mothers.

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