The Balanced Scorecard Approach uses four perspectives to monitor and evaluate the activities of the network as follows:

  • Partner satisfaction
  • Operational excellence
  • Employee and organizational development
  • Financial health
The first set of country BSCs were finalized by the end of May 2009 and implemented as of July 2009.
A generic version of the BSC is to be found below.
Each county’s BSC is distinct, but all have the same overall goals within the same four perspectives.  The most important aspects of the previously elaborated logical framework for operational excellence have been incorporated in the BSCs.  However, more detailed data collection concerning operational excellence continues as described in the original 2008 M&E framework, including information on patient numbers and on training and mentoring of health care professionals, the basic clinical indicators derived from the EMR and indicators assessing initiatives such as PMTCT, early infant diagnosis, provider initiated testing and counseling and indicators evaluating the impact of our outreach activities.