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Global Health Corps

Health CorpsIn 2011, BIPAI announced the launch of the Texas Children's Global Health Corps as a successor to the Pediatric AIDS Corps. This new program expanded the scope of the Pediatric AIDS Corps beyond HIV/AIDS to include other diseases and conditions impacting child health and survival globally such as tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, perinatal conditions, cancer, and sickle cell anemia. Initially, the geographic focus of the program will be similar to that of the Pediatric AIDS Corps, but plans are in place to diversify over time to include sites and programs in Asia and Latin America.

Program Specifics

Positions: Thirty one Texas Children's Global Health Corps positions have been confirmed for the program year beginning in July 2013.  For the first time, the the Global Health Corps will be comprised not only of pediatricians but has expanded its scope to include internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecolgy, and surgery.  The number of positions available for the 2014-2015 year has not been determined.

Locations: In 2013, assignments have been made to Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola and Liberia. Other locations such as Colombia in South America may be available in subsequent years.

Eligibility: Board eligible or board certified pediatricians, family practitioners, medicine/pediatrics graduates, internists, obstetrician/gynecologists, and general surgeons.

Pre-service training: Texas Children's Hospital Global Health Corps physicians will be required to participate in a four-week pre-service training program offered in Houston, Texas each year in July. This training includes courses in HIV/AIDS and Tropical Medicine. The pre-service training is an approved certification course for the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Interested applicants: The application cycle for 2013-2014 positions are complete. Applications for 2014-2015 positions are due October 10, 2014.  Phone interviews will be conducted late October-early November.  Applicants are requested to provide an up-to-date CV, a brief (1-2 page) personal statement, and a list of three references with contact information.  Applications and queries about 2013 positions can be directed to  Tina Thomas.

Health CorpsTexas Children's Hospital Global Health Corps members will provide treatment for tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, perinatal conditions, cancer, sickle cell anemia, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgical conditions, among others.